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Wild Dreams Events

Wild Dreams Events is a styling & Events business based in Perth. Designed to work with Client’s to bring their wildest dreams to life. We specialise in visual merchandising and event styling - creating an enticing and inspiring visual experience for our customers is essential in maintaining their business.

We provide a focus on helping tell your brands story using visual marketing, catering for clients of all sizes.

Imagine letting your dreams run wild, where nothing is impossible. Our exploration of designs creates an authentic and soulful experience. We want to bring your wildest dreams to life.


We listen - then design.



Visual Merchandising

Pop-up Event Styling

Marketing Installations

Custom-built Concepts










Mannequin displays

Cabinet displays

Window displays

Pop-up activations


Wild Dreams Events is here....


Contact the team for: 

  • Visual Merchandising and presentation
  • Bespoke event coordination and setup
  • Corporate, Retail & Private
  • + more                                                                                                                                                                           


Phone 6118 2744 

Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Home

Carbon Monoxide accumulating in the home is a silent killer. If you have gas appliances, they should be serviced on a regular basis to ensure they operate correctly and do not leak dangerous gases, namely carbon monoxide.


Five tips to make sure your appliances are safe:

1 – Service all gas and fuel burning appliances every one or two years

2 – Install carbon monoxide alarm

3 – Insure adequate ventilation in your home

4 – Never bring outdoor gas and fuel burning appliances inside

5 – Learn about the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning


Portable gas heaters should have the filter on the rear removed and cleaned at least once a month. The appliance itself should be taken to a service centre at the beginning of every season to be serviced and inspected for correct operation and leaks to hoses and fittings etc.


For peace of mind when you and your family are asleep, turn all appliances off correctly before retiring to bed, or if the cold weather is too much and heating is required throughout the night have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted to your wall. If you have a two storey home ensure your fit a second alarm upstairs to cover any bedrooms on that level.

Maverick Maintenance can supply and fit one carbon monoxide alarm at your home for $110 + GST.

(Conditions apply)

 Phone 6118 2744